Same day Dental Implant Vs Traditional implants

There are many different kinds of dental implants which are very helpful in their own style. One kind of immediate implant is the attachment of crown when the dental implant is taking place. Even though, there is not a need of crowns after same day dental implants Dubai as they can still work perfectly and do the regular tasks such as eating and brushing, but because of the aesthetic look, people prefer crowns. It obviously depends on the patient and their choice.

These dental implants can be done for all the teeth or the complete dental denture as well as multiple teeth instead of a single tooth.

Another type of dental implants can be 4 together. As suggested by its name, four dental implants are placed in the jaw to give support to the entire denture which makes it look more natural and they also fuse with the bones easily together.

The main difference that comes in between immediate dental implants and traditional dental implants is the factor of time. While a traditional dental implant can take 5-6 months to set in, the same day dental implant will be done with crowning in span of few hours. The reason behind traditional dental implants taking time is that best dentist Dubai needs to be sure if the implant has healed and perfectly infused with the bones before placing the crown and this confirmation can take several weeks.

If you are contemplating about getting same day dental implants, you may first need to check in with your dentist as they can check and guide you through the processes and screening, making sure that you are a potential candidate. If you have been smoking or other kind of stuff, you may not be eligible for same day implants as your oral hygiene will be affected and neither your physical health will be stable to go through these kinds of processes.

If you are a healthy individual and decides on getting implants, regardless of its type, then you will have to be sure and committed to the entire process and ready for all sorts of procedures and dental complications as it is not an easy task to cope up with. Remember that these implants – very rarely – do fail.