Difference between summer camp and nursery school

It is one of those things that you will have to do sooner or later. The fact is that there will come a day in your kid’s life when he will have to attain independence. By then, he will rely on his ability to earn a good professional and personal reputation. Proper education is quite necessary, but so is the ability to take a decision and learn new things. With the passage of time, you will begin to realize the need to send your kid to a place where he will taste the true freedom for the first time, albeit for just a few days. Welcome to the summer camp in Dubai. It is the new world for your kid, and all other kids attending the camp as well. You will find that the summer camp is different in many ways. It is a different environment and offers a different experience. You can think of the summer camp as a means to provide your kid with a pleasant learning environment.

An elaborate nursery?

Well, you may have sent your kid to a nursery school before, but after sending him to the summer camp, you cannot compare it to a nursery and here is why. Nursery school is certainly not a camp by any means. However, there are similarities between both so keeping those in mind, some might consider comparing both. Firstly, the summer camp is a place to stay, while nursery is not. The summer camp has many incredible activities on offer for kids, the nursery may offer only limited activities. Also, the nursery, or kindergarten, or some child development center, are all schools, not camps. Even in its most basic form, a camp is still different. You will get more information about summer camp and it will help you understand the difference.

School vs. camp

As mentioned earlier, both are different in nature and any similarities may be superficial. The truth is that both help improves the ability of your child to learn things but with a difference. At summer camp, kids have no teachers telling them what to do, so they are pretty much on their own. This is not the case in nursery schools, where children are provided with care and attention.

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